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BBQ Equipment & Accessories


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As well as the usual equipment required for barbecues, there are a few other accessories which you can purchase to make barbecuing both safer and easier and which ensure your barbecued food is cooked to perfection.


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Long handled BBQ utensils










There are four main barbecue utensils you should seriously consider purchasing. Not only do these give you a further reach, but they also save your hands from getting burnt.

BBQ Tongs

excellent for turning steaks and chops

BBQ Fork

for turning larger pieces of food

BBQ Basting Brush

to keep your food succulent

BBQ Spatula

great for burgers


BBQ Food baskets


There are two main types  of BBQ baskets:

1. Shaped specifically for fish
2. General (usually square) for smaller items of food which may otherwise fall through the BBQ grills

Both these items make turning the foods on the BBQ much easier


BBQ Rib Racks

The purposes of BBQ racks is to keep surface areas of browned food off the main bbq grill area so they don't get too burnt before the food has time to cook.

They are also great for any food which may have an odd shaped surface areas making it  difficult to position it on the bbq to get them browned and crisp such as the fat on chops.


Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

This is essential if you wish to cook foods in parcels amidst the coals - especially good for fruit and vegetables.


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BBQ Rotisseries (spits)

If your barbecue doesn't have a built-in spit roast, you can buy kits which usually consist of a battery powered motor, the spit rod and forks which fit on the rod and which stick into the food to prevent it from shifting about when the spit is turning as shown in the diagram below.

BBQ Skewers

These are one of the moist popular ways of cooking food on the barbecue. You can get long wooden handled ones, plain metal ones - both single and double (the double ones hold food much more securely and stops the food from  moving about when turning, or cheaper (and usually shorter) bamboo  skewers.



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