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Safety Instructions for Baked Alaska Recipe

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Please read carefully and follow the safety instructions highlighted below.

*Safety Notes for flambéing: it is recommended that alcohol never be added to a pan on a lit burner, and that a long fireplace match is used to ignite the alcohol .

**Safety Notes for use of blow torch: WARNING! It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of the blow torch. The following safety instructions are a guide only, and not an exhaustive list of potential hazards.
• Check torch is in good condition and not damaged.
• Ensure nothing is standing or passing in front of the torch as the torch is ignited, and ensure you use a controlled source of ignition.
• The use of safety gloves is recommended.
• Always keep an appropriate fire extinguisher at hand.
• DO NOT point torch at yourself or others. DO NOT leave torch lying unattended.
• DO NOT use torch near flammable material, liquids, solids, or gases, and materials that may be accidentally ignited i.e. wood, cloth, plastic etc.
• DO NOT touch the torch or the item on which it is used until all parts have completely cooled.
• DO NOT allow untrained persons to ignite or use the torch.

*** Safety Notes for dry ice usage: WARNING! It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of dry ice. The following safety instructions are a guide only, and not an exhaustive list of potential hazards.
• CHILDREN: Never use dry ice without adult supervision.
• Dry ice can cause serious injury if not used carefully. Never store dry ice in an airtight container. As the dry ice melts from a solid directly into a gas, the gas will build up in the container until it bursts showering sharp pieces of container on those nearby. Make sure your container is ventilated. The best place to store dry ice is in a styrofoam chest with a loose fitting lid.
• Do not touch dry ice with your skin! Use tongs, insulated (thick) gloves or an oven mitt. Since the temperature of dry ice is so cold, it can cause severe frostbite. If you suspect you have frostbite seek medical help immediately.
• Never eat or swallow dry ice! Again, the temperature of dry ice is very, very cold. If you swallow dry ice, seek medical help immediately.
• Always wear safety goggles when using dry ice.
• Do not place dry ice directly on countertops. The cold temperature could cause the surface to crack.
• Leave the area immediately if you start to pant or have difficulty catching your breath. This is a sign that you have breathed in too much carbon dioxide gas.
• Do not store dry ice in your freezer. It will cause your freezer to become too cold and your freezer may shut off.

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