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Black Pudding

Information about Black Pudding plus lots of Black Pudding Recipes




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The making and eating of Black Pudding  dates back hundreds of years. 

But what is Black Pudding?

Basically, it is a type of sausage the main ingredient of which is pig's blood. This is  mixed with oats, salt, onions and spices. There is also White Pudding which is made without blood, but using minced liver instead. 

The pudding can be eaten hot or cold and is often cut into slices and fried.  In Ireland and England  it is an essential part of a traditional fried breakfast  which usually consists of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, fried, grilled or baked tomatoes, mushrooms, toast with butter or marmalade. In Northern Ireland they add  Potato Farl to this long list and call it an "Ulster Fry" and in England we sometimes add baked beans and just call it  "a fry up".... great eaten at any time of the day.

But don't reserve it for breakfast. It is excellent as an ingredient in starters and main courses and is particularly good when served with fruit such as apple. Although it lurked in the food wilderness for a number of years in Britain, it has made quite a come-back throughout the UK in recent times and is now widely featured on many top restaurants' menus. HOORAH!

You can find  recipes using Black Pudding throughout this site and in particular on the Ireland Cooking by Country page. Just use the search form to find them all.


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