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Speciality Dish - Canton


Dim Sum

Information about Chinese Dim Sum plus lots of Dim Sum Recipes


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Although Dim sum are eaten throughout China and also in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the name is of Cantonese origin. The literal translation is dot heart but it’s also commonly translated as touch the heart or snack and is a light meal or brunch, which was traditionally eaten any time between morning to mid afternoon.

It is believed to have originated hundreds of years ago when teahouses were erected along the roadside to accommodate merchants or travellers taking the ancient Silk Road who needed to stop for a rest. Prior to this time, people would never combine food with tea as they believed it wasn’t healthy however, they soon discovered that tea acted as an aid to digestion and so these teahouses began the tradition of serving tea with morsels of food to weary travellers and so the tradition of Dim Sum was born.

They are generally small in size and are often steamed or fried. Items such as buns and dumplings made of pork, beef, prawns, chicken and vegetables are commonly included on the Dim sum menu. Several different Dim Sum are usually served at the same time so each diner can have a selection.

Today this well loved traditional food has joined the “fast food” brigade – not surprisingly as to make a selection of Dim Sum can be a time consuming matter. They are often sold from street stalls although shops also sell microwaveable frozen Dim Sum. In the west  they are often served  as starters or hors d'oeuvres and are a great theme for a party.

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Dim Sum Recipes


Vegetarian Spring Rolls    HT  Chinese  HD  15mins plus

Prawn Toasts   HT  Chinese  HD  20mins

Lettuce Wrapped Sesame Chicken CD Chinese  HD  20mins plus chilling

Spinach and Ginger Dim Sum Veg HD Chinese 30mins

Salmon Dumplings (Dim Sum) HT HD Chinese 35mins

Crab Dumplings  (Dim Sum)   HT  HD Chinese  40mins

Jiaozi  (dumplings)  HT HD Chinese 45mins plus chilling

Steamed Pork Buns (Dim Sum) HT HD Chinese 50mins plus proving

Pearl Balls (Dim Sum) HT HD Chinese 50mins plus standing

Glazed Spare Ribs (Dim Sum)  HT Chinese HD 50mins plus marinating

Potstickers (Dim Sum) HT HD Chinese 70mins plus standing

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