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Speciality Dish - England


Bread and Butter Pudding

Information about English Bread and Butter Pudding Recipes



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English puddings have got to rank as possibly the best and  most diverse in the world and for this reason, we have chosen a pudding as England's speciality dish.


Bread and Butter Pudding (not to be confused with Bread Pudding) is one of England's most loved and traditional desserts. When made in the traditional way, it's rich, warming and filling and perfect for our cold winter nights.


At its most basic, bread and butter pudding is really easy to make.  Slices of buttered bread are layered into a shallow dish and scattered with raisins or sultanas, then an egg and milk  mixture, often seasoned with a little grated nutmeg with added sugar is poured over the top. Extra sugar is sprinkled over the top then it is baked  and served hot, sometimes with extra custard or cream although when made properly it should be moist enough not to need any further embellishments.


Many modern day chefs have adjusted bread and butter pudding recipes to create slightly lighter more genteel desserts by means of making small individual puddings, often flavoured with additional ingredients.


Historically, the recipe was probably borne out of the need to be frugal by means of using up stale bread. It's still a good idea to use stale bread as using fresh bread  adds nothing to the finished dish. One of the earliest recipes for a bread and butter pudding was recorded by John Nott in 1723.


Below are some Bread and Butter Pudding Recipes - both traditional plus a couple of  "nouveau" ones.  You can find more bread and butter pudding recipes by using the search form below but do experiment for yourself, substituting the bread with items such as stale brioche, Panettone or croissants or flavouring the egg mixture.



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