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Feta Cheese

Information about Greek Feta Cheese



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Feta is a Greek  cheese made with either sheep's or a mixture of sheep's and goat's milk.  It's white and soft with no rind and has a solid consistency with only a very few small holes if any at all.  It has an agreeable if slightly acidic taste and a rich salty flavour which it gets from having been aged in a brine bath for up to a month. 


The earliest written records of the name feta date back to the  17th century when Greece was ruled by the Venetians and the name  is said to derive from the Latin word "Fete" which refers to the practice of cutting the cheese into slices so they can be placed in wooden barrels. 


Traditional Feta is matured in wooden barrels or tin casks at cheese-making units located inside the designation of origin areas (DOA) in Greece, namely Macedonia, Thrace and Epirus in Northern Greece, Thessaly and Mainland Greece in central Greece, the Peloponnese in southern Greece, and the island of Lesvos.


Be aware that many stores sell a 'variety' of Feta made with cow's milk which is artificially whitened. This is done because of the high fat content in cow's milk which turns yellow after a few days.  Authentic Greek feta cheese never turns yellow. 


Feta can be used as a table (eating) cheese, in salads and in cooking.


You will find many  recipes using Feta on both the Greek Cooking by Country main page and in other sections of this web site. Use the search facility to find them all.

Happy cooking!

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