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Information about Korean Kimchi plus Kimchi Recipes

Speciality Dish - Korea

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The name Kimchi is derived from chimchae, which means vegetables preserved with salt. Although it has been made since the 7th Century, this early form of Kimchi was merely vegetables which were preserved with salt. The harsh winters in Korea meant that fresh vegetables weren’t available during the winter months and so the preservation of fresh vegetables when in season enabled the peoples of this land to enjoy vegetables throughout the year.

However, the simple method of salting vegetables such as radish was gradually transformed over the centuries by the addition of various items. Extra flavourings added over the years included soy sauce, garlic, ginger and preserved fish but one of the most notable was to come from the introduction of Chillies to Korea via Portuguese traders in the 17th Century.

Although it took 200 years or so to become a widely accepted and integral ingredient, today Kimchi is well known for the addition of hot red chilli pepper, not only taste wise but it also gives the dish its characteristic colouring. Many think that the reason red pepper was so readily used was that it saved on salt, which was a precious commodity in those times.

The introduction of foreign vegetables also played its part. Perhaps the most important was Brassicas (cabbages) from China and by the 19th Century cabbages were being widely cultivated. Cabbage Kimchi is perhaps the best known type outside of Korea.

With the addition of these many items, the dish gradually changed from being one of simply salted vegetables to a spicy, fermented and flavoursome dish. Koreans serve kimchi at almost every meal and many families have their own traditional recipe which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Today whilst Kimchi is still served as a side dish, it is also included in recipes. Below are a couple of Kimchi recipes for you to try. Experiment with the amount of chilli powder -  Kimchi doesn't have to be fiery hot.

Happy Cooking!

Kimchi Recipes

Cabbage Kimchi    Veg  CD  ACC  Korea  2 days    

Cucumber Kimchi     CD  ACC  Korean  +24 hours

Radish Kimchi    Veg  CD  ACC  Korean  2 days   

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