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Welsh name: Bara Lawr

Welsh Speciality Ingredient


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Contrary to what the name implies, Laverbread is not bread. It is the name given to the Welsh technique of preparing a purple seaweed called Porphyra also known  and nori in Japan and elsewhere. Considered by many to be a delicacy,  in the UK it is found around the coasts of Wales and the west coast of Scotland. 



When freshly picked, it  must be well washed in  copious amounts of fresh water for a long time to get rid of the sand and silt, after which time it looks more like a mass of spinach and this is how it is sold fresh, by the bucket. It needs a long cooking time, around 5 hours boiling, by which time it has formed a gelatinous mass and turned a very dark green appearing black.   It can then be chopped finely and used in recipes.


Today it can be bought in tins or dried in health food shops and some supermarkets.  In Wales it is traditionally served mixed with oatmeal and fried in bacon or fat and in other recipes.


Laverbread is a good source of iron, zinc, iodine and is rich in vitamins A, C and B.

Three laverbread recipes


Below are three recipes using laverbread


Laverbread Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  Welsh  5mins

Laverbread Oatcakes    Veg  HT  CBF  Welsh  20mins

Twice Baked Laverbread Soufflés    Veg  HT  HD  Welsh  55mins plus cooling

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