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Information about tacos plus a collection of traditional Mexican tacos recipes


Speciality Dish - Mexico


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Tacos are the Mexican equivalent to a hot  sandwich.  In other words, it is the generic name for  a corn tortilla which is spread with a filling of your choice, folded or rolled up and eaten with the hands. They are a popular snack in Mexico, often sold by street vendors to passers-by.


Please note that the stiff shells dubiously  called tacos which are sold outside of Mexico are  an  industrial invention unknown in Mexico. They  are a world apart from traditional Mexican tacos and are unworthy of the name. They should be called   " vaguely like tacos but not tacos at all although you may enjoy them if you don't know what authentic tacos are like ".


Authentic Mexican tacos are made with SOFT corn tortillas, which are warmed through then spread with a filling and often topped with a spicy salsa, lettuce and some sour cream before being rolled or folded up and eaten with the hands.



N.B. A burrito is a taco made with a WHEAT flour tortilla. These are only served in northern  Mexico and are also unknown in central/ southern Mexico. 


Enchiladas are a sort of taco except they are generally covered in a sauce and baked in a dish before serving . You need a knife and fork to eat these.


Three  Tacos are quite substantial so the tacos recipes have been included in the main course sections of this site. 


Below is a recipe for fresh homemade corn tortillas plus some fillers to make up your authentic tacos. And if you wish to make up a fresh salsa to go with your tacos, you'll find some in the salsas and Relishes section.


Happy Cooking!


Chicken Tacos     HT  MC  Mexican  20mins plus marinating

Fish Tacos    HT  MC  Mexican  25mins

Spicy Steak Tacos     HT  MC  Mexican 25mins

Turkey Tacos      HT  MC  Mexican  20mins plus marinating

Vegetable Tacos       Veg  HT  MC  Mexican  25mins

Chilli Meat Tacos     HT  MC  Mexican  45mins

Corn Tortillas        Veg  HT  ACC  65mins

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