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Information about Cebiche plus Cebiche Recipes

Speciality Dish - Peru


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Cebiche, also spelled Ceviche or Seviche,  is considered by most to be the  national dish of Peru. It is traditionally made with raw fish which is marinated  in lemon or other citrus juice together with salt, chilies, onions and garlic. The acid in the lemon juice together with the salt,  stops the growth of micro-organisms in the fish and at the same time softens the fibers as they permeate the flesh. It is traditionally served with slices of cold sweet potatoes or corn-on- the- cob but is also good served on salad leaves with sweetcorn kernels.


The dish originates from colonial times when Peruvian fishermen used to use raw diced fish as bait or cebo which is the Spanish word for bait. When they got hungry whilst fishing,  they added salt and lemon to the diced fish and ate them.


Though the years, this practice became more widespread throughout Peru with folk other than fishermen and whilst the dish is essentially the same  as a few centuries ago,  it has been augmented and refined, in particular with the use of seafood such as prawns, squid and lobster. 


Ceviche is usually  served as an appetiser or light lunch and is so popular in Peru that they have restaurants specialising in Cebiche dishes called Cebicherias. The dish  is also popular in other Latin American countries but Peruvian Cebiche rules - OK.


Below are just a few Cebiche recipes, but you can use whatever fish or seafood you like so long as you use only the freshest of fish, preferably sashimi grade. If in doubt,  DON'T. As texture is important to this dish, do not use previously frozen fish.

Happy Cooking!

Red Snapper Cebiche    CD  MC  Peruvian  10mins plus marinating

Salmon Cebiche    CD  HD  MC  Peruvian  10mins plus marinating

Seafood Cebiche    CD  HD  MC  Peruvian  15mins plus marinating

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