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Rice 'n Peas

Speciality Dish - West Indies



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Rice and peas is a very popular dish throughout the Caribbean. It should more properly be called "Rice and Beans" as there's not usually a "pea" in sight.


It's usually served as a side dish to accompany meat or poultry, especially highly spiced or hot dishes, as the relative blandness of the rice and peas counteracts the fieriness of the main dish. Having said that, the addition of chilies sometimes renders this redundant. There are also versions which incorporate the meat into the dish.







Black-eyed Beans (cowpeas)

Long Grain Rice

Pigeon Peas (Gungo beans)


Many types of beans are used such as Red Kidney beans, Pigeon Peas (Gungo beans, yellow split peas and Black-eyed beans (Cowpeas) and depending on the recipe, different herbs or spices are added, but the basics remain the same: rice with beans, beans with rice.

Below are 4 Rice and Peas recipes for you to try. Some use tinned beans for speed and convenience however, if you wish to use dried beans, just soak them overnight in plenty of cold water then drain and boil in fresh salted water until tender. Always use long grain rice.

Happy Cooking!


Rice and Peas #1    HT  ACC  West Indian  45mins


Hoppin' John   HT  ACC  West Indian  50mins


Jamaican Rice & Peas   HT ACC West Indies  65mins


Rice and Peas with Beef    HT  MC West Indian  100mins

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