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Information about Bulgarian Yoghurt

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Many believe that yoghurt originated in Bulgaria and it has been a key ingredient in diet of some of  inhabitants of the Bulgarian lands going way back to the Thracians (c1500 B.C.).  It is thought that yoghurt was "invented"  when put the sheep’s milk into lambskin bags, which they carried on their person. The warmth of their bodies cause the milk to  ferment and form yoghurt, albeit that it was somewhat different to today's yoghurt. 


Today's much improved Bulgarian yoghurt contains Lactobacterium bulgaricum, a bacteria which seems to only be present in Bulgaria according to  scientists! And it it this this gives it its unique characteristics.  The Bulgarians have a passion for it and not only do they eat it fresh, but it's used in many of their recipes e.g. Tarator (a cold cucumber and yoghurt soup). Don't worry if you can't get traditional Bulgarian yoghurt - any good quality natural yoghurt can be substituted.


You will find  recipes using Yoghurt on both the  Bulgaria Cooking by Country main page and in other sections of this web site. Use the search facility to find them all.


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