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Steamed Banana Parcels Recipe



 Malaysian Name of this recipe:   Lepat Pisang

HT CD MC 80Mins


Delightful little dessert parcels made of banana leaves stuffed with bananas flavoured with coconut and steamed.


Serves 4

Prep & Cook Time:

1 hour 20 mins

Recipe Tags: Hot Vegetarian Vegan Fruit Pudding Dessert en papillote parchment parcels foil parcels Dairy free Malaysia South East Asia Asian


20 x 12.5cm/5-inches square pieces Banana Leaf or parchment paper
4 Very ripe Bananas
75g/3oz Plain Flour
75g/3oz Block Palm Sugar, finely chopped
25g/1oz Cornflour
4 tbsp Coconut Cream
A Pinch of Salt



1. Place the banana leaves in a large bowl of boiling water for 30 seconds to soften, then drain and dry with kitchen paper.

2. In another large mixing bowl, mash the bananas then stir in the flour, cornflour, sugar, coconut milk and salt adding more coconut milk or flour to achieve a soft dropping consistency.

3. Divide the banana mixture between the banana leaves and fold up to enclose the mixture, tucking both ends under.

4. Arrange the parcels in a single layer in a steamer and steam over rapidly boiling water for 20-30 minutes, topping up the water if necessary.  Serve warm or at room temperature.

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Freezing/Make ahead

Not suitable


Key techniques required to make this recipe


Mash - to -  Break down food items with a fork or other specialised mashing equipment until a smoother texture is achieved.

Steam - to - The cooking of food in steam, over rapidly boiling water or other liquid. The food is usually suspended above such liquid by means of a trivet or steaming basket, although in the case of puddings, the basin actually sits in the water.

Main equipment required to make this Recipe


Mixing Bowl

Banana leaves or Parchment paper

steaming basket

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