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 (Yin shi nan nu)
Film Released: 1994
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Drama
Film Directed by: Ang Lee
Cast/Actors include : Sihung Lung, Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-Lien Wu, Kuei-Mei Yang

Set in modern day Taipai, this film is about what some may call a mildly dysfunctional family - a widower, Master chef Chu, played by Sihung Lung, who lives with his three daughters Jia-Jen, a chemistry teacher, Jia-Chien, an airline executive and Jia-Ning, a student who also works in a fast food restaurant. Despite having lost his sense of taste, he still ritually prepares elaborate Sunday dinners for his three seemingly ungrateful daughters, who are so wrapped up in their own lives, that they hardly appreciate the delicacies he prepares for them week in week out although secretly, Jia-Chien played by Chien-Lien Wu, loves traditional cooking and would like to be a chef like her father if women were allowed.

The film explores the personal relationships between the characters, with some humorous “announcements” made at the dinner table by the daughters at various stages throughout the film. However the best “announcement” is saved for near the end and made by the father when he announces, much to his daughters’ surprise, that he is getting married again . . . . and to a considerably younger woman.

Food features heavily throughout the film, with some truly delectable shots of the most exquisite Chinese dishes – not a film to watch if you’re hungry. Although many of the dishes aren’t mentioned by name, one of the few which is comes relatively near the beginning when a friend of the family visits with her young daughter. Not a very good cook herself, she often leaves Chef Chu’s house with goodies which he has cooked. On this occasion she is asked by one of Chu’s daughters:-

Chu's daughter “Have you eaten?”
Mother: “Of course we ate”
Little girl: “Today, mom burned the fish”
Mother: “I didn't bring you along to complain!”
Chu's Daughter : “I'll give you some of Grandpa Chu's crab dumplings to take home”


And so she did. Here’s our version of these delicious little treats.




Crab Dumplings    HT   HD   PFC  Chinese  40mins

Makes 24        Hot Shellfish Seafood Vegetables Herbs Hors d’oeuvre Starter Party Food

1 Egg White
2 tbsp Rice Wine or Sherry
1 teasp Soy Sauce
1 teasp Castor Sugar
225g/8oz Crabmeat
6 Water Chestnuts, chopped
1 tbsp freshly chopped Coriander (cilantro)
24 Wonton Wrappers (about 10cm/4 inch square)



 Follow us 



1. Place the egg white in a medium mixing bowl, beat lightly with a fork then add half the rice wine or sherry, the soy sauce and sugar and beat lightly again.

2. Add the crabmeat, water chestnuts and coriander and mix with a fork until well blended. Set aside.


3. Lay the wontons out on a work surface and cut into rounds with a large biscuit cutter, lightly brush the surface of each wrapper with the remaining rice wine/sherry then place a level tablespoon of the crab filling in the centre of each wrapper. Bring the edges of each wrapper together into a half circle shaped parcel, pressing the edges together to seal.

4. Steam the dumplings for 10-15 minutes until the filling is set.

Can be served as part of a Dim Sum selection 



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