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Lobster, Crayfish & Langoustine


General Information plus Langoustine recipes, Lobster Recipes and Crayfish recipes







Whilst they are all are crustaceans, Langoustine (also called crawfish, Dublin Bay prawn, or Scampi) and Lobster are saltwater species belonging to the family Nephropidae  whilst Crayfish is a freshwater species which belongs to the families Cambaridae and Parastacidae.  Langoustine are found in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean and North Sea in waters as far north as Iceland and as far south as Portugal and the north Adriatic and lobsters  and crayfish of  one kind or another can be found (and eaten) all over the world.


Substitutes:  Whilst lobster is king to many cooks, both the flesh from langoustine and crayfish make reasonable substitutes in recipes....and vice versa.

Serving allowances for Lobster:   1 x  675g/1 lb lobster per person (in shell)

Serving allowances for Langoustine:   5-6 langoustine per person (in shell)

Serving allowances for Crayfish Tails:   225g/8oz crayfish tails per person (in shell)


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Key:     HT = Hot      CD = Cold    HD  = Starter     MC = Main Course    ACC = Accompaniment


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Cantonese Lobster   HT  MC  Chinese 15mins

Chargrilled Langoustine  HT   MC   15mins        

Crayfish Sauce for Pasta   20mins

Grilled Lobster     HT  MC  20mins

Lobster Salad    CD  MC  20mins plus chilling

Malagache Lobster with Rice     HT  MC  Madagascan   20mins       May  2004

Warwick Crayfish Savoury     HT  MC  English  20mins    April  2007

Dublin Lawyer   HT MC  Irish   25mins 

Bayou Fried Crayfish    HT  HD  Cajun  30mins

Crab Stuffed Lobster Tails    HT  HD  BBQ  30mins  

Langoustine with Goat's Cheese Gnocchi  HT  MC   Italian    35mins            

Lobster Thermidor   HT  MC  French   35mins

Scampi Provencal    HT  MC  French  40mins   May 2002

Lobster Mexicana     HT  MC   S.American   45mins   

Crayfish Salad        CD  MC  South African   50mins plus cooling    September 2003 

Jambalaya    HT  MC  N America  50mins

Crayfish Chowder    HT  SP  Cajun Creole  70mins

Nassau Lobster Casserole   HT  MC Caribbean   80mins

Serving Suggestions



Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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