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Growing Vegetables


Detailed guidelines and information for growing various vegetables including seed sowing, care and harvesting plus height and spread of plants



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Garden Store | Vegetable Seed Germination Temperatures



For even more detailed instructions on growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers plus in-depth articles on growing your own edible produce visit our sister site or why not visit our gardening blog The Urban Gardener.


Below are links to detailed guidelines and information for growing various vegetables.  It's probably easier than you thought and there's nothing nicer than harvesting and cooking  your own home grown produce.


Many vegetables can also be grown in pots outdoors. A lot has been said about not being able to grow certain vegetables, e.g. carrots, in pots, but much of this talk is just not true.  You won't get 12-inch long carrots in a 6-inch pot, but you can still grow many fresh veggies in pots, especially if you choose varieties which have been adapted for growing in confined spaces.


Aubergines (Eggplants)  | 

Bean - Broad | Beans - Dwarf French | Beans - Runner/Climbers Beetroot | Broccoli | Brussels Sprouts |

CabbageCapsicum (peppers)Carrots | Cauliflower| Courgette | Cucumbers (outdoor) |

Garlic |

 Kohl Rabi  |

Land Cress | LeeksLettuce  |



Parsnips | Peas/ Mange tout| Potatoes | Pumpkin  |

Radish |

Spinach | Squash | Swede |Swiss chard/ Leaf beet  |

Tomatoes | Turnips |




Most vegetables prefer a sunny position although light shade for part of the day is acceptable.   For full details on positioning and preparing gardens and pots for vegetables, see the Growing Herbs & Vegetables Main Page.


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