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Film Released: 1994
Genre: Sci-fi,  Comedy,   Romance
Film Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Cast/Actors include : Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Danny DeVito,  Emma Thompson

Larry (played by Danny DeVito) is a fertility specialist  working with scientist Alex (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) on a new miracle fertility drug which will hopefully reduce the chances of a woman's body rejecting an embryo. However, when their project is cancelled by the University and replaced by an ovarian study under the direction of Diana (played by Emma Thompson) they decide to continue with their trials just long enough to get enough results to  get the drug accepted by pharmaceutical companies, despite the fact that human experimentation has not been approved by the FDA.


Larry steals an egg from Dianna's project, not realising it's actually hers, and Alex fertilises it with his sperm. They then implant an embryo into Alex's abdominal cavity with every intention of stopping the trial after 3 months.  and continue the study illegally during which time Alex is heavily dosed with their new wonder drug.

However, the drug has the added effect of affecting Alex not only  physically but also emotionally and he starts to display the usual changes caused by pregnancy which causes him to see things from a different perspective resulting in him deciding to carry on with the experiment and carry  his baby full term.


At the same time, Alex and Diana find themselves romantically and physically drawn to each other and everything seems to be going well until she finds out he has used her stolen egg when their relationship hits a rocky patch for a while.

To make things worse, one of their  an ex-colleagues finds out about the baby and under the original rules of the project's funding, namely that the results of the research belong to the university i.e. the baby attempts to have Alex locked up until the end of the pregnancy.   Alex manages to escape with Larry's help and spends the remainder of his confinement disguised as a woman at a home for expecting mothers.

He eventually gives birth via caesarean section, keeps the baby and sets up home with Diana who is seen to be pregnant with their second child at the end of the film.


The recipe we've chosen is lovingly mentioned by Alex in a scene at a function where lots of buffet style food is being served.  Dianna enthusiastically refers to them as "sausage rolls" however in the UK sausage rolls are always  made with fresh sausagemeat  as opposed to these American favourites which are made with Frankfurters.



Franks in Blankets Recipe



Makes 8

8 Frankfurters (Hot Dog Sausages)
300g/11oz  Puff Pastry
1 tbsp Mustard
1 Egg, beaten

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1. Preheat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas Mark 6. Roll the pastry out to 6mm/ -inch thickness and cut into 8 oblongs about 20cm/8-inches long by 10cm/4-inches wide.

2. Spread the pastry with a thin layer of mustard along the centre then place 1 frankfurter on each piece of pastry.


3. Brush the long edges of the pastry oblongs with a little beaten egg then fold the pastry over the hot dog and press firmly to seal. It doesn't matter if the frankfurters poke out a little at each end.

4. Brush the tops with beaten egg, place on baking trays and bake for 25 minutes until risen and golden brown.


Serve hot or cold.


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