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Film Released: 1979
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Robert Benton
Cast/Actors: Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Justin Henry


Set in New York in the 70s, Ted Kramer (played by Dustin Hoffman) and Joanna Kramer (played by Meryl Streep) have been married for over 7 years and have a son called Billy (played by Justin Henry). Ted is an advertising executive who is totally immersed in his career, working long hours at the office. Even when he’s at home, he neglects family life and spends most of his time there planning his work schedule.

After months of loneliness and dissatisfaction with her marriage, depression sets in and Joanna announces that she is leaving Ted but will be leaving their son behind for Ted to look after. Ted’s world is totally disrupted as he finds him having to balance his work and home commitments and soon his career starts to suffer. He struggles on and over the months, Ted and Billy develop a close father and son relationship.

Almost a year later, Joanna reappears having been in California undergoing therapy and having sorted herself out with job has come back to reclaim her son totally unaware of the close attachment Ted and Billy have formed. After all these months he and Billy have achieved a relatively comfortable state and warm and loving relationship so not surprisingly, he refuses to hand his son over to the mother who abandoned them both.

The resolve to fight for custody over their only son through the courts.

After much heartache, the courts side with the mother, but throughout it all, Joanna has realised that the Billy’s home is now with his father and on the morning that she is supposed to pick Billy up to take him away, she admits to Ted that Billy should stay with his father. The movie ends with Joanna getting into the lift and heading up to the apartment to tell Billy that he'll be staying.

The food aspect comes when the newly abandoned Ted is struggling to make breakfast for Billy. Although Joanna has left a note of instructions next to the "natural grain" cereal, a jar of honey, some wheat germ, and a banana, with carefully written, Ted is so angry with her that he throws the note away in defiance and suggests that he cooks some French toast (Billy’s favourite).

Trouble is, he doesn’t have a clue how to do it. He gets egg shell in the mixture, forgets to add the milk and ends up burning it then dropping the entire contents of the frying pan on the kitchen floor when he forgets the pan handle is very hot.

Below is a classic version of this recipe.

Happy Cooking!



French Toast    Veg HT 10mins

Serves 2    Hot Vegetarian Breakfast Brunch Snack

2 Eggs
60ml/2fl.oz. Milk
1 level tbsp Sugar
½ teasp Vanilla Essence
¼ teasp Ground Cinnamon
2 Slices of White Bread
25g/1oz Butter (approx)

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1. Break the eggs into a wide shallow dish then add the milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and beat with a fork or balloon whisk until well blended.

2. Cut each slice of bread in half then place in the egg mixture and leave for 1-2 minutes turning half way through so the bread soaks up some of the mixture.

3. Heat the butter in a large frying pan over medium heat until hot, then add the bread, gently pouring any excess egg mixture over the slices in the pan.

4. Cook on one side for about 2 minutes until golden brown then turn and cook the other side until golden brown, making sure all the egg mixture is set.

Serve immediately.

Serving suggestions:
Top with fruit slices or sprinkle with caster sugar.
If you fancy a more savoury version, omit the cinnamon and vanilla and season with salt and pepper or garlic/onion salt.



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