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Quick Pasta Main Course Recipes

A collection of recipes using all types of Pasta


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This page lists many of the pasta recipes on this site which can be prepared in 20 minutes or less - great for those occasions when you just don't have the time (or energy).   No marinating, chilling or cooling - just a straight 20 minutes . . . . or less . . . . . from start to finish.  And with many fresh  vegetables only taking a few minutes to cook, you can have a complete, balanced, freshly cooked  meal ... in minutes.


We also have a wonderful section which can help you to plan your weekday meals in advance featuring complete menus including side dishes and desserts, which can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.  Visit the Working Week Menus section.

Key:-    HT = Hot      CD = Cold         Veg  =  Vegetarian      MC = Main Course 


Fast Pasta Main Course Recipes

Homemade Pasta   Veg  HT   MC  ACC    20mins

Linguine with Red Onion Sauce V   HT   MC   20mins

Macaroni Cheese   Veg  HT    MC    20mins

Creamed Rigatoni   Veg  HT   MC   20mins

Conchiglie with Gorgonzola   Veg  HT   MC   Italian 20mins

Conchiglie with Tiger Prawns   HT     MC   20mins

Eliche alla Cipolle   HT    MC    20mins

Fettuccine with Prawn Sauce   HT   MC   20min

Foil baked Linguine with Seafood  HT   MC    20mins

Garlic & Mushroom Pasta   Veg  HT   MC   20mins

Leek and Bacon Pasta    HT  MC  20mins     New!   August   2008 

Linguine with Garlic Olive Oil    Veg   HT  MC   Italian   20mins      August  2002

Linguine with Prawns     HT   MC   20mins     March 2003


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