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Sweet Sauce and Butter Recipes

A collection of Sweet Sauce Recipes and Sweet Butter Recipes including traditional and popular sauces such as chocolate sauce, crème chantilly, sweet white sauce, brandy sauce, custard and salted caramel sauce plus many other classic, pasta sauces and modern sauce recipes.


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Brandy Butter   Veg   CD      ACC        British 5mins          

Butter Icing   (Butter cream)  Veg   CD   ACC       5mins      

Golden Syrup Sauce   Veg  HT          5mins

Maple Yoghurt    Veg   CD  ACC  Canadian   5mins            September  2006

Chocolate Sauce   Veg   HT    10mins         

Citrus Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins

Creme Chantilly    Veg CD ACC 10mins plus chilling      August 2002

Jam Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins

Mocha Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins      

Sherry Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins

Toffee Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins

Sweet White Sauce   Veg  HT      10mins

Custard Sauce    Veg  HT   CD    10mins        

Bilberry Sauce       Veg     CD       15mins

Blackberry Purée   Veg  CD    15mins

Blackcurrant Purée   Veg  CD    15mins

Brandy Sauce   Veg  HT      15mins

Cinnamon Sauce 2   Veg  HT      15mins

Dairy Free Raspberry Coulis       CVeg  15mins plus cooling     

Raspberry Purée   Veg  CD    15mins

Strawberry Purée   Veg  CD    15mins

Banana Sauce  1  Veg  HT    20mins 

Caramel Sauce   Veg  HT      20mins

Cherry Sauce   Veg  HT      20mins

Cinnamon Sauce   Veg  HT      20mins

Coffee Cream Sauce   Veg  CD    20mins

Orange Rum Sauce     V  HT        CD    20mins

Vanilla Custard Sauce   Veg    CD  British    20mins

Whisky Sauce   Veg  CD    20mins

Zabaglione Sauce   Veg  HT      20mins

Dessert Fig Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  25mins          June 2004

Mock Maple Syrup   Veg  CD    25mins

Rum 'n Raisin Sauce   Veg  HT      25mins

Chocolate Mint  Sauce   Veg  HT      40mins

Rose Petal Sauce    Veg  HT  CD  ACC  70mins      New!    March 2008






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Key techniques required to make sauces

Depending on the sauce, main techniques required may include:-

Beat – To introduce air into a mixture using a utensil such as a wooden spoon, fork or whisk, in order to thoroughly mix and achieve a lighter texture.
Blend - To mix together ingredients, usually of different consistencies, to a smooth and even texture, utilising a utensil such as a wooden spoon or blender.

Coats a spoon – when a substance is rendered thin/thick enough so that when a wooden or metal spoon is inserted into it and taken out, the substance leaves a thin film “coating the spoon”.


Main equipment required to make sauces


Small Saucepans

Wooden Spoons



Serving Suggestions


Many sauces are served as a side accompaniment for pouring  however some sauces can be mixed or cooked with main  ingredients creating a single dish.

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