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Vitamins Part II

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Whilst vitamin supplements seem to be all the rage, they should never be completely relied upon and it is possible to get the recommended daily amount of vitamins by eating a well balanced diet. This article lists the various vitamins together with a description of their benefits and foods which offer reasonable sources.



Vitamin C

BenefitsPromotes healthy teeth and gums and maintains healthy tissue and helps with the absorption of iron
Sources :  Citrus fruit, strawberries, tomatoes,
broccoli,  greens, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe melon. Most other fruits and vegetables also contain some vitamin C


Vitamin D

BenefitsHelps maintain healthy teeth and bones by promoting the absorption of calcium, Also helps maintain levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood
Sources : Butter, cereals, cheese, cream,  fish, margarine (needs sunshine to convert)


Vitamin E

BenefitsHelps with the formation of red blood cells, the utilisation of vitamin K and the protection of cell membranes as well as maintaining circulation, nerves and muscles  and helps wounds to heal without scarring
Sources :  Wheat germ, corn, nuts and seed, green leafy vegetables, avocados, asparagus, vegetable oils,  margarine


Vitamin K

BenefitsAids blood coagulation which is particularly important for cuts and wounds
Sources :  Green leafy vegetables, cereals, whole grains,  cauliflower, broccoli



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